EGGER Warm Neutrals

EGGER Warm Neutrals

A shift in how we live, work and socialise has seen design, colour and style preferences alter. People are moving away from industrial materials and are now looking for neutral tones and realistic textures that offer warmth and comfort. 

Cool greys remain prominent in many areas of interior design, and dark greys to a lesser extent, but to meet the demand for Warm Neutrals it is shades such as Taupe Grey, Pebble Grey and Stone Grey that are taking center stage. Texture is also extremely important, with textile finishes adding value and depth when combined with warmer tones.

E750 ST9 Taupe Grey

A rich, warm tone that is ideal for neutral designs.
It works well alongside black to provide a contemporary,
yet elegant, decor combination.

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EGGER E750 Taupe Grey ST9 

E201 ST9 Pebble Grey

A slightly darker tone to Taupe Grey, this decor appears cool
but works in combination with woodgrain designs that offer
warm and natural colour tones.

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EGGER E201 ST9 Pebble Grey 

E727 ST9 Stone Grey

A rich, earthy grey that complements a number of different
decor styles. It pairs well with neutral textile finishes to offer
a stylish look for less.

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EGGER E727 ST9 Stone Grey 

E416 ST10 Beige Textile

A fusion of beige tones with a linen texture. It has a realistic
fabric finish that adds value to designs especially when
paired with neutral grey tones.

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EGGER E416 ST10 Beige Textile 

E417 ST10 Grey Textile

A luxurious linen in cool grey tones, that offers the look and
comfort of fabric. It blends with warm greys to produce a
high value finish.

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EGGER E417 ST10 Grey Textile 

NOTE: All shown décors are reproductions.